goddess of song and the soul
i am in the world
and you can get me a follow back
please follow us
it means a very happy Christmas to you
so so cute
thank goodness



Will I ever be loved
and you can still keep
me on my mind when
you have every day of my friends
who have a lot better now that
you have a look
really good
you can do it for
you as a friend
of course I hope
you’re not doing anything
to help you out as a friend
of course you have a really
hard life letting go out
and you don’t know how much
I am going okay with your
mental illness but you
have no need for a better app
to be able to get a job

Art of the Year

All of my poetry is art
of the year
and the show I have to do the next time
and I’m still getting up
and I am NOT
making this
a whole new article
to not have a-
look, really sorry about it
any time of the year again
but I’m still getting on

This started out being brash and obnoxious and just got so worn down. Maybe the show I did last month took it out of me…?