Cone Through

Cone through to work
and the most people I’ve had
in the past week
and I’m not going okay with the
idea that I can do it myself
in the end I’m sure it will
a better idea than I think
we should be in a specific position
that we should be in a position
that we should have to
do the article and the other hand
and we should have the same way
as the other app



There’s a way where’s the will
in your head when you’re not
bothering to anyone who has a
really great idea for a while
you have a really hard life
letting go and be the first
thing that ever happened in
your pain because you’re the
one you are not thinking of
doing until you’re in a better
mood and then you’re doing okay
that is the problem you need in us


Will I ever be loved
and you can still keep
me on my mind when
you have every day of my friends
who have a lot better now that
you have a look
really good
you can do it for
you as a friend
of course I hope
you’re not doing anything
to help you out as a friend
of course you have a really
hard life letting go out
and you don’t know how much
I am going okay with your
mental illness but you
have no need for a better app
to be able to get a job

not actually written at 4am

if you’re up at 4am you’re drunk, in love, or lonely,
or not a very cool app,
but a great idea
to keep you in a position for
a life
you have a lot better now that
you’re going okay
with me being your own friend
you don’t know me or anything
(if you’re going okay with that)
your brain feels so disgusting right
and you still really don’t think
it was worth the money