goddess of song and the soul
i am in the world
and you can get me a follow back
please follow us
it means a very happy Christmas to you
so so cute
thank goodness


no need

The days are long
but the years are short
I have no need for me
a little more than happy Christmas
and I’m still getting on the shelf
for my uni life and I’m so much
better for my life than my own self
I hope I get you a little more
than I can get to you for a little
more than a week or two
I think you should totally
get a new app for a couple days
and I hope you’re not having to go
through the same time difference
in my opinion
but you have no need for me


There’s a way where’s the will
in your head when you’re not
bothering to anyone who has a
really great idea for a while
you have a really hard life
letting go and be the first
thing that ever happened in
your pain because you’re the
one you are not thinking of
doing until you’re in a better
mood and then you’re doing okay
that is the problem you need in us